2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Pick UpPick Up by The Uninvited Party, a London based theatre company

Devised and presented by: Camille Bell, Niamh-Lily Garvey, Zachary Trevitt, Lily-Marion Scanlon.

Pick Up. An intimate piece inspired by the collective truth of living with addiction. The Uninvited Party excavate through the Dirty laundry of both the direct and indirect victims of dependency. Through physical and tactile expression, Pick Up offers an insight into a fast, free flowing observation of shame, loss and conflict. This performance guides you through the raucous, ecstatic highs and claustrophobic, desolate lows from the perspectives of those affected. Familiar or not, softly or loudly, we invite you on a trip up down and around the washing basket of fixation, hanging out their experiences to dry.

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Pick Up Trailer

 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Babes Against Bullshit by Camille Bell and Dona Adwera

Devised and presented by: Camille Bell and Dona Adwera.

Women have claimed intellectual and economical power for themselves, culture has simply found new ways to make us inferior.

A patchwork of stories tackling the identity and experiences of young women, relaying the often dismissed and overlooked realities that affect women through both a black and white cultural lens. This piece explores both the flaws and relatable realisms of womanhood, challenging gender codes yet keeping it funny!